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Blogging Report

I launched my blog on January 4, 2019. It’s already the end of the month and I have shed so much time (and tears) into this blog but I believe it was time well spent. I love the blogosphere and I know that there is SOOO much more to learn. I’m excited to continue growing alongside my blog. I figured…

  • Happy Birthday to this beauty. Thank you for your endless love and the times when you want to tell me a funny story and laugh and I have to patiently wait for you to stop which causes you to laugh even more. Or the times where we have to turn down the volume on the radio to see better. I cherish our friendship deeply and I hope you enjoyed your bday. You da best. 🎉🎉❤️❤️ #24
  • 💐💐 Before the wedding 💐💐 4th pic: When you’re already tired and the wedding hasn’t even started 😅
  • It was an honor to be your bridesmaid on your special day. I wish you both nothing but positivity and blessings in this new chapter in your lives. Congratulations love birds!!! 🎉🍾 ❤️ 👰🏽 #wedding
  • With the bride-to-be 👰🏽💍. Can’t wait for your big day! ❤️ #bride #bridetobe #bridesmaids
  • Them fall feels 🎃🍁🍂
  • Pre-birthday celebration with this one ☝🏿 ❤️ #23rdbirthday
  • When you ready for that pic but your fam ain't ❤️ #fam #fabulous #mariachi
  • We got tattoos ❤️🌹🌷