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If you haven’t heard of Team Beauty…about women empowerment, what rock, boulder, or mountain have you been living under?

Team Beauty Women Empowerment

Let me tell you about my journey.

It is uncomfortable for me to share this with you guys but I feel that if I can help another person, it would be worth sharing.

SO let me give you some back story. Let’s go waaaay back, like 2013. This is when I started college at my University. I had access to many services provided by the University, one of them being the Recreation Center or Rec for short.

I buddied up with a good friend of mine and let me just say. We. Went. At. It. Hard.

We worked out at least 6 times per week, making sure we were eating right, and we would motivate each other to push our bodies to the limit. We would be able to run a consistent 3 miles nonstop (which I am VERY proud of). The consistent of our determination was at an all-time high. 

And this was all us. We were not following a program of any sort or any type of diet. It was all just self-motivation, making healthy choices, and a bit of competition to see who can do the most squats LOL

Me 2015

Guys, let me tell you, that time was the fittest I ever was. And I loved it. I loved the feeling of being able to break a good sweat. There were times where was feeling like I was going to back out. Nonetheless, I felt accomplished that every day, I am improving myself and taking care of my body and health.

It was around 2016 where I really started to see changes in my body and not for the better.

Graduation Day 2016 Graduation Day 2016

After I graduated from college back in 2016, I decided I wanted to take a break from school before applying for Grad school. I started looking for jobs…and this is where my eating habits and my active lifestyle drastically changed. 

My struggle with finding a job was no joke and I’m sure many people can relate to this. We seem to have the mindset that we can secure a job right after college (I mean, it’s possible) but in reality, it takes time…a long time…2 years to be exact in my case.

NOTE: Just caution, this next portion talks about mental health and depression.

Yeah, those two years weren’t the best. After getting rejection after rejection as to why I was not qualified enough for the position really damaged my mental health. This was around the time I really started showing signs of depression. They were dark times (and I still have my bouts of dark moments to this day). I resorted to food for comfort…and A LOT of it.

I really let myself go from 2016 up until now and I DID NOT like what I saw in the mirror. It was a real blow to my self-image and self-esteem. I refused to take photos with people and I even refused to look at myself in the mirror because I felt disgusted that I would do this to myself. It’s like I blocked out this portion of my life because I didn’t want to look back and remember how big I’ve gotten.

People started to notice as well. I would make any excuse not to go out (and anytime I would go out, it would be to get fast food), I would lock myself in my room and just want to be in bed for days, I would not maintain my hygiene or clean my house, I would cry for no reason, and those thoughts in my head…were disturbing and dark.


Me 2018

Luckily, in 2018, I finally got my first job. What a relief…until I started my Master’s program.

There was a lot of self-realization that I discovered about myself beginning this program and boy did I go to that dark place deeper than I EVER had before. I had a lot of work to do on myself, mentally and physically.

Back to the present

So now that we’re caught up to the present, this is where Team Beauty comes in.

I was scrolling through Instagram, you know, looking at photos of cats and I came upon this girl, Shelby. She was promoting Team Beauty and to me, it sounded interesting. I looked through her photos and the transformation was astounding. 50 lbs, gone! Yes, 50 big ones. That’s true dedication and a bomb boss babe right there.

Shelby Before & After 1 Team Beauty Women Empowerment Shelby Before After 2 Team Beauty Women Empowerment Shelby Before After 3 Team Beauty Women Empowerment

Something in me told me, “Just reach out, it won’t hurt to ask”. So I did. 

I joined Team Beauty around the middle of March 2019. 

I went to the facility for evaluations and measurements and the dreaded weigh-in. Yeah, the scale and I are not really the best of friends. My new coach Shelby was very understanding and walked me through my meal plan and workouts.

I’m not gonna lie, I was very inconsistent starting out. I mean, I had the right mindset; I knew I wanted to change my eating habits and just feel overall good in my own skin. It was on and off for years of trying to get in shape but I just never kept up with it.

Me 2019 Before Team Beauty

Throughout this, I was still dealing with depression that really crushed any motivation and energy I had to push through a simple 10-minute workout. I start my workouts strong…buuuut that only lasted like 3 days and then I gave up. The result is that I resort to stuffing my face out of the shear failure and disappointment that I feel at not being consistent.

My mind would convince me that “there’s always tomorrow” or “you can start next Monday”. My mind was telling me “I want to work out”, but it was also telling me that, “there was no point, you’re never going to get to where you want”. 

Harsh, I know. It’s draining being self-deprecating when all you want to do is better yourself.


Once I got the help that my mental health needed, rest assured I started feeling like myself again. This time I thought, “I’ll give this another try”.

Then, the lovely Shelby announced the 21 Day Booty Challenge.

For some reason, this time around, things felt different. I had this gut feeling that I was going to push through and complete this challenge and even go further than that. Things just seemed right this time around; like everything made sense in a way. Like something just clicked in my mind.

I realized that I was working out for all the wrong reasons, which is why I was never consistent in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. The reason I was working out because I wanted to impress people. Shallow, insignificant reasons to do that, now that I realized it.

I have the determination to fully commit and hold myself accountable to living a healthier lifestyle, which is why I’m writing this blog.

Believe me, I am NOWHERE NEAR where I want to be. I am just getting started on my journey.


What is Team Beauty?
Team Beauty Women Empowerment

Team Beauty is all about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! It’s about taking control of your health, lifestyle, and your future! 

It’s about making choices for YOU and YOU alone!

You have the POWER to make the choices that will empower you to push you into seeing those results that you’ve always wanted, without any limitations holding you back.

Partnering up with Herbalife and using Herbalife products and supplements (which are mighty tasty FYI) these products will help you in reaching your goals, whether it be losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining muscle. Team Beauty has had countless success stories (as I’ve mentioned from my coach, Shelby), and you can be one of them too!

What’s Herbalife?

Herbalife partnered with Team Beauty

Yes, so I did mention Herbalife. For those who don’t know, Herbalife is a corporation that sells dietary supplements for weight management and personal care products. Herbalife is currently operating throughout 94 countries with millions of Independent Distributors spreading the word about the awesome results of this product.

There are many different ways to mix and match products that will help reach your personal goals, so your body is constantly adapting to changes in your eating habits, which will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits of joining Team Beauty

The life-long benefits that you will get out of Team Beauty are astounding.

Daily workouts!

The perks of joining Team Beauty is that workouts can be done at a gym or, my personal favorite, in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any fancy machines or equipment to get the results that you want. This is perfect for those who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym and would rather do your workouts at home.

You can live anywhere in the world and still be able to join Team Beauty, which is one of the amazing advantages of this company. You can do these workouts anywhere, at any time.

Group chats with endless support and motivation!

Remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The beginning is always the hardest but it’s having the mindset of pushing through and go day-by-day in achieving your personal goals. By joining Team Beauty, you are invited into a chat with women from all over the world! These are basically strangers cheering others on, motivating each other to keep going. Soon, you will form incredible bonds with these women. We are all on the same journey.

Women empowerment!

Team Beauty Women Empowerment

This community is all about empowering you to believe that YOU CAN DO THIS! The atmosphere and your energy instantly get filled with positivity and motivation. The energy and overall drives just seep through everyone’s pores.

Empowerment creates power in oneself and manifests the drive to succeed and challenge yourself. When you are given opportunities to grow and make a difference in your life without limitations, you gain confidence, a sense of leadership, and the feeling that you can do anything.

The Empowered Woman: Team Beauty

Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s what stuck with me starting my Master’s program at the beginning of the year. Being uncomfortable is the catalyst for change, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Comfortability that you’re familiar with results in stagnation and the feeling of being stuck in life and we don’t want that. Get out of your box of security and familiarity and try something new!

See results

Stay consistent and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. Consistency is KEY when it comes to bettering yourself and your lifestyle. It only takes 21 days to build a habit and what better way than to focus on you. Take control of your health and lifestyle.

Keep yourself accountable by taking before and after pictures, meal prepping for the weak so that you won’t give in to the temptation of eating out. Dedicate time for you!

Remember, it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

It all comes down to choice and it all starts with you! 

Just say yes and let me help you take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle. Watch your life change for the better.

Wanna join me on this journey? 

If you want more information, are curious to learn more about Team Beauty and Herbalife, or are thinking about starting to work out but you just don’t know where to start, I will leave a link to my Online Coaching form for you to fill out.

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