I’m Yissel! Inspiring you to grow and love the journey you’re on.

Hello! I’m so happy that you stumbled upon my blog. My name is Yissel and welcome to Simply Yis, a Positive Inspiration Lifestyle Blog!

I initially started blogging back in 2017 just as a hobby, which quickly turned into my passion to make this lifestyle blog my full-time job.

I’m a huge advocate for mental health, empowerment, positive inspiration, and I’m motivated to spreading more awareness to you guys. Considering all the dark moments I’ve experienced, I am thankful that I experienced it all because it has lead me to this present moment right here: the creation of this blog and you, reading it!

Cats. Whataburger (my Texas peeps know what’s up). Laughs that make you cry and make your stomach hurt. Spontaneity. Flowers/floral prints.

Can you guess which one of the above I’m obsessed with? (all of them…the answer is all of them).

A little more about me:

  • Currently getting my Master’s of Education in Guidance and Counseling and will be specializing in Play Therapy. Any of my fellow LPCs out there? Holla at me.
  • I love my alone time. I’m a huge introvert but I can be social when I need to.
  • Painting (specifically watercoloring, now delving into oils) is my all-time favorite hobby (aside from blogging) that I thoroughly enjoy during my spare time.
  • I love watching crime documentaries. If you know any awesome documentaries out right now that I can binge-watch, please let me know.

What’s my mission?

My mission is simple:

To be the light to others during dark times. To help people feel empowered and inspired by my content, to provide you with valuable information, and to spread as much positivity and happiness as I can. To inspire those who feel like their goals aren’t attainable. To hopefully make you feel valued and heard.

Who is Simply Yis for?

  • Those who want their dose of positivity and inspiration
  • Anyone looking to get away from the world’s negativity
  • People seeking friends in a positively-influenced community
  • Those who want to learn how to grow their blog

How can you participate?

There are many ways that you can participate:

  • leave a comment on any blog post that you read
  • share my blog posts on social media (like Pinterest or Facebook)
  • subscribe to my email list and you will be the first to receive my latest blog posts
  • if you want to personally reach out to me and have someone to talk to, you can reach me at my email: hello@simply-yis.com.

BRANDS: If you would like to work with me and my blog, please reach out to me at hello@simply-yis.com. Media kit available upon request.

In the midst of what’s going on, we need to be there for each other more than ever; to create a community and have us all grow and support one another. Most importantly, I really want to CONNECT with my fellow bloggers and non-bloggers.

Simply Yis was created just to be that. A place to share tips and tricks, positivity, and inspirational content. I post about lifestyle tips, blogging tips, self-care/mental health, and nutrition/fitness tips. This is a place to just have a damn good time!

Vanity with Green Chair

Where can you find me?

You can find me at the following places:  Instagram, Pinterest, and FB.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you, and I hope that you stick along for the ride.

Until next time,