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Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there lol

So happy you stumbled upon my blog. My name is Yissel and welcome to Simply Yis.

Soooo, what’s this blog about anyway?

Glad you asked friend. Let me take you down memory lane about a year ago to my old blog.

August 2017 to be exact.

This is when I started my first blog, Adventures with Yis. The creation of this blog was simple:

I. Was. Bored lol

I wanted a place where I can have a creative outlet. Since I was job hunting at the time, I had a lot of time on my hands sooo I thought, why not? I just needed something to distract me from the battle of becoming committed to the world of “adulting”.

And so I started my blogging journey. I posted once a week to my blog and was heavily engaged in social media (Pinterest and Facebook to be more accurate) and I slowly started to see my views rise and so did my self-esteem and motivation.

I blogged about life, beauty, and most importantly, self-care and mental health.

I was happy. Posting my blogs. Minding my own business…’til one day…

I found out about…monetizing my blog…


I did not know this. Truly I didn’t. I was shocked and driven and feeling all the feels. I wanted to do everything possible to be able to make that happen. To be able to be my own boss and running things my way.

Besides, I always had a curiosity of the blogging community and just blogging in general. And being the shy, introverted person that I am, I thought this would be a great way to put myself out there without having to PHYSICALLY put myself out there. Why not get paid to do it, ya feel me?

But around comes April 2018….I get a job.

It was exciting and awesome and emotional and…all of a sudden, I didn’t have all the time in the world to focus on my blog. Blogging was a great escape and creative outlet for me

So now I’m reflecting back to how much my old blog had grown and how good it felt to have such wonderful people, these wonderful strangers, leave such lovely and inspiring comments. It made me feel like I can really bring something to the table. Be able to be my own lady boss.

I’m also planning on what the future holds for this new blog, Simply Yis.

So here I am. Attempt numero dos.


What’s my mission?

My mission is simple:

I want people to come and read my blog to hang out, get away from their problems, provide people with information and spread as much positivity and happiness as I can. I want to inspire those who feel like their goals aren’t attainable.

I want people to feel welcomed and happy when they come here and read my blogs. To feel like they are relatable and apart of something.

But what I really want is to CONNECT with my fellow bloggers and non-bloggers. Make a community of my own and have us all grow and support one another.

I want to create a community where everyone comes together and encourages each other to be the best they can be. The more knowledge I attain as I grow as a blogger, I would want to spread my knowledge to you all so everyone can grow alongside me.

I disagree that we should niche down on a specific niche. That’s too restricting. So I am coloring outside the lines and writing what I LOVEMaybe have a laugh or two. I want to post about my life, my cats, beauty, and self-care. I want to travel someday so I would like to include that in my blog as well. I work in the mental health profession, so I also want to be able to spread the awareness of mental health.

I want this blog to be an inspiration to others to go out there and accomplish what they always wanted to do. All that’s required and the motivation and most importantly, the PASSION.

Cause if the passion ain’t there, theeeen what are you REALLY doing?


Cool, now what?

Well, you can check out my blogs by categories and read whatever interests you.

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Want to be friends and collab?

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Whatever floats your boat. Tickles your pickle.

I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Yis x