Change is good.

We grow from it, we become better people from change. We make new friends and we lose friends, we fall in love and have heartbreaks. But that’s ok, that’s life.

People are so scared of change but that shouldn’t be the case. I understand if you are content with how things are in your life but what happens when things aren’t? Are you going to stay content with how things are? No obviously!

We should be excited about change: a new house, a family, a change in careers. Change should be embraced and accepted into our lives.

It’s here to teach us the lessons of life, to make us better people.

It may involve some people coming into our lives and staying, others pay rent for a couple of months and move on and some are mere passersby.

If people tell you “Wow, you’ve changed.” Well, I hope so!

I don’t want to be the same person I once was back in high school. I don’t even want to be the same person I was a week ago.

I’m not saying I’ve learned everything there is to learn because we ever stop learning and that’s the beauty of change. The more we learn, the more we change.

Change can sometimes be difficult but it can also be comforting. Just let it happen. It’s meant to benefit us whether we like it or not.

Change to grow. Change to better yourself and your well-being. Don’t go changing your entire life overnight. That would be rather stressful and impossible.

I used to have this mentality and think my life is fine the way it is, why would I want to change it? 

If you would like to learn how to make small adjustments to your life to see the change that you crave, keep on reading.

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Change To Be a Better Person

Compliment yourself

It can be anything about yourself. Your outfit. Your hair. Something that you accomplished this week.

Tell yourself something that makes you happy. Happiness is contagious.

If you’re anything like me, it may be hard to be able to compliment yourself. It’s a lot easier to compliment others rather than yourself.

It’s awkward at first but the more you do it, the easier it gets.


Practice forgiveness

For some people, it may be hard to forgive others.

Holding resentment over something that caused so much pain to you is not good for your well-being.

Allow yourself to forgive others but most importantly forgive yourself. Let go of what already happened and be open to the future.

Sometimes, forgiveness is more about forgiving yourself rather than forgiving others. It may be what you need for that release of negative emotions.

Be open to change

In order to change, you need to be open-minded. Plain and simple.

It doesn’t have to be a drastic change. It can be something small like trying out a new restaurant, making a new friend, discovering new scenery, etc.

These little changes can lead to bigger changes and even greater opportunities that you wouldn’t have expected.


Listen to others

Letting others have a voice is one of the great things you can do. By allowing this, you can meet some really amazing people and maybe get some cool opportunities.

I’ve gathered some interesting perspectives from others that I wouldn’t have come to my attention if I wasn’t listening to others.

Sometimes, you need a change in perspective to notice the change that you’re working for.

Be yourself

No one can be you, but you.

It’s cliché and we’ve all heard it but it’s true. Let others see your true self, quirks and all.

Also know that if you’re comfortable the way you are, don’t let others change you and the beauty that you are.

Change because YOU want to, not because you have to for people’s approval. It’s all about baby steps to becoming a better version of you.


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What would you like to change to better yourself and your life?

Until next time,