Today I’m going to be talking about positive energy and happiness and how small acts of kindness can make a world of a difference to someone.

It’s easy to succumb to the negativity that we are being exposed to nowadays, making positivity and happiness a rarity.

It just seems to be so much easier to be negative and be negative to others. Like, why?

Here are 6 things you can do welcome positivity and happiness into your life:

How to Radiate Happiness and Positivity

#1: Smiling is contagious

Smiling is just as contagious as laughter. Smile even when you’re just not having it that day. Studies have shown that if you smile for one minute, even if you’re not happy at the moment, you’ll start to notice an improvement in mood and reduced stress. Eventually, you’ll start to actually feel happy. Weird huh.

#2: Forgive more

Forgiveness is powerful in mending tense relationships. It shows maturity and the willingness to overcome heated situations and start fresh.

It can bring renewed peace into your life and overall positive vibes and happiness. It’s like an imaginary weight being lifted off your shoulders.

#3: Compliment a Stranger

You don’t know if the person you’re complimenting is having a rough day. So getting to hear a compliment from a complete stranger may brighten their day. It may even brighten your day knowing you’ve made someone feel better. You may even make a new friend! Who knows.

#4: Encourage others to succeed

Let a friend know that you believe in them and what they’re setting out to do. This little boost of encouragement can mean more to them than you realize.

#5: Random Gift to a Friend

Whenever I got surprised with a random gift, it made me feel special and loved by the person who gave it to me. It lets me know “Hey, I was thinking of you and wanted to give you a little something.” This random act of kindness may make you want to share that positivity with someone else.

It’s the little things. It really is.

#6: Reconnect with Distant Friends

I’ve had my fair share losing touch with friends that I’ve had great times with. Reach out to them by sending a quick text or message online. Who knows, they may be wanting to reconnect with you too.

You won’t know until you take the risk.

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