I launched my blog on January 4, 2019. It’s already the end of the month and I have shed so much time (and tears) into this blog but I believe it was time well spent. I love the blogosphere and I know that there is SOOO much more to learn. I’m excited to continue growing alongside my blog.

I figured this would be the perfect time to reflect back on how I managed to get my blog up and running and hopefully this can keep in check to push myself in meeting my goals


I want to hold myself accountable for the progress and goals that I reach for myself and my blog.

I also want this to be motivation for not only me but for those that are just starting out like me. Blogging takes time and patience and loads of hard work and consistency. I want to document my improvement, trail and errors, and successes and failures.

This will allow me to be transparent with my readers because I genuinely want others to succeed alongside me and grow as individuals and bloggers.


I’ve spent the month of December basically setting up my blog, researching good hosting sites, theme designs, being very indecisive.

The perfectionist in me wanted everything to be perfect but I knew that if I kept on that route, I still would not have launched my blog when I wanted to.


  • $3.95 – Siteground
  • $2.00 – GoDaddy
  • $29.00 – ConvertKit
  • $29.00 – Gia Themes (Creative Market)


  • $159 – Making Sense of Sponsored Posts (Michelle and Alexis)
  • $32 – Pinterest Strategies (Ell Duclos)

TOTAL: $254.95


  • Cava
    • I use the free plan to create my Pinterest graphics
  • Grammarly
    • This is super helpful for me since I do tend to read over my mistakes. Grammarly keeps me in check.


For now, I’m not going to include this section. The reason for this is simply that income and finances are a private and personal matter and should be kept as that – private.

I know we can all be nosey and we like to know how much people are making and that’s just one of the things people like to see, as a source of motivation that if someone is making, I don’t know, 10k a month, so can you. It’s good to have big goals for yourself and you want to know the secrets of monetizing your blog.

This is personally my opinion but I do want to clear and transparent in other aspects of my blog. I may change my mind down the road and experiment with the idea of putting my income for the world to see. It may help not only my blog but more importantly, my readers.

As of now, I have not implemented any monetization strategies but hopefully, once I finish the Making Sense of Sponsored Posts course and taking some awesome notes, I can start implementing that.

I didn’t monetize from that get-go because I wanted to bring some traffic to my blog first and build trust with my audience before I start monetizing my blog. Doing sponsored posts won’t be the only way I monetize my blog. I would like to delve into applying to affiliate programs and Google Adsense to start off.


Since I’ve launched my blog, I have gotten spikes where I would get around 50 views a day but that only lasted a couple of days. I roughly get on average between 15-25 views a day and hey, for starting off a blog, that ain’t bad in my books. It’s only going to go up from here.

So overall,  I going to end my month with probably 400+ page views and I am over the moon by that. I may not be spending as much time with my blog as I want to with work and school but the time I do, I feel like it’s paying off.

Google Analytics - Pageviews Jan


Pinterest has been, so far, my main source of traffic. I’m very excited that I’m seeing results since I’ve been using Ell Duclos’ Pinterest Strategies.

Pinterest followers: 751

Monthly views: 33,549

Pinterest MV - Jan

Here is my progress from December 1st to now.

Pinterest Monthly View Before Pinterest Monthly View After

Initially for my January goal on Pinterest was to reach 10,000 monthly views so you can imagine how excited I was when I tripled my monthly views in a month. It’s only going up from here. WHOOP!


My schedule will allow me to post ONCE PER WEEK. So far, this has been working for me.

It will be a bit tougher since I go to work full-time PLUS I just started my master’s program so there’s added pressure but it can be done.

Here are my previous posts for January, check them out:





Grow Pinterest to 2000 followers.

More followers, the more my content will be exposed HENCE, more traffic to my blog.

I would like to create new graphics for all of my blogs posts published so far and continue promoting them on Pinterest.

Continue pinning daily – at least 20-40 pins a day.

Find at least 5 new group boards to join, making sure they have a good amount of following and great content description.

Grow my email list to 10 subscribers.

January was kind of slow for my email list. I need to change how I market my email to my fellow viewers.

Create some fun freebies opt-ins that can draw readers in.

Read and take notes on Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and start applying for affiliate programs

Finish the course and begin implementing strategies to monetize my blog.

Get 1000 monthly views on my blog.

I will continue to promote my blog posts on Pinterest like a mad woman.

Maintain weekly uploading schedule. 

I’ll invest in an editorial calendar and begin scheduling my blog posts for the month of February.

And that’s a wrap for my monthly blog report. Hope you enjoyed and please make sure to share your thoughts or questions in the comments.

I’ve love if you go follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. My goal is to reach 1,000 followers on Instagram and 2,000 followers on Pinterest.

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Blogging Report - Jan

Until next time,