This is a fast-moving world that we live in that revolves around technology. I bet right now, you’re reading this on your phone.

As human beings, we like to know what other people are up to or to know all the latest trends that are going around, that we get sidetracked on what’s important to us.

We also have a million things that we want to do at once, that we tend to either get frustrated and not do anything or we experience burnout. It’s the worst, let me tell you.

At some point, things just become too much to bear, we feel like we’re going crazy. I understand the feeling but I’ve also learned that we can’t linger in that feeling of despair and frustration.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to practice gratitude is and how it will improve your quality of life.

How to Practice Gratitude

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What is gratitude?

Gratitude is showing appreciation for and being thankful for the things that we have; about focusing on what’s good in our lives.

It really does put into perspective the small things that we tend to take for granted like, having a home, having food on the table, have a job to go to, or simply being able to wake up every day.

We go by every day not realizing how fortunate we are to have the things that we have. We never think that one day, everything that we have maybe gone without reason.

I personally had taken my job for granted because I thought I had it made.

Well, the pandemic happened and I lost my job. I relied on that job to pay the bills and put food on the table.

But then I started thinking, a job can easily be replaceable and that I had so much going for me: my loving family, amazing friends, secure home, that it made me aware of what truly is important.

Sometimes when we stray too far from appreciating what we have, we have to have the things that we take for granted taken away from us to truly open our eyes to what is the most important.

I believe that practicing gratitude every day helps us keep our feet on the ground and focus on what’s truly important.

What are the benefits?

Positive thinking

Gratitude helps you think more positively about life’s circumstances. Regardless of any negative situation, you may encounter, gratitude helps you focus on what really matters.


Open more opportunities

You are given more opportunities to build relationships, be more productive, and live more purposefully.

You start to do things with intention and it makes you be more selective on how you set yourself up for the day.

Improves physical health

When you practice gratitude, your behavior changes to where you start making choices that help keep you happy and healthy.

Improves your mental health

It’s no surprise that gratitude and mental health go hand in hand. When our mental health is being taken care of, being able to practice and show gratitude is easier to do.

Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem

When you focus on the things that bring happiness and contentment, you start feeling good about yourself.

Decreases stress any negative emotions

You start to focus on the things that bring you joy and the things that you would stress over, are not so prominent.

When can I use it?


There is no set time or place where you can utilize practicing gratitude. As long as you start incorporating gratitude daily into your life, you will notice the benefits of gratitude.

I personally like practicing gratitude at the beginning and end of every day. I like at the beginning of the day because you start off your day on the right foot and at the end of the day because you get to reflect on everything that happened that day and puts into perspective what’s important.






How can I practice gratitude?

I’ll share with you the one thing that I do that has helped me tremendously in being more positive and humble for the things and the people that I have in my life.

I definitely recommend sticking to good ol’ pen and paper. I personally think you can never have too many notebooks. These cute notebooks are amazing and super durable.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate gratitude in your life, make sure that it’s something that is easily incorporated into your daily routine.

At the end of my day, before I go to bed, I will whip out my notebook and reflect on what I’m grateful for and things that have made me smile on that day.

This has been something that I have been very consistent with (for once lol) and I have seen such an improvement in my mood and overall health.

Mind you, I don’t do that EVERY night. There are days where it’s not so great and that’s completely normal. You will have those days where not everything will go your way. In these situations, it’s important to remember that we will have our off days but don’t let it dictate how the rest of your day will go.

Remember to make the most of your situation and to always push forward. Always remind yourself, tomorrow is a brand new day to start fresh.

Long story, nothing is guaranteed, and always be grateful for what you have right now.

The best way to practice gratitude is by writing it down. I’ve created a gratitude journal printable so you can start practicing gratitude today! Grab your FREE Daily Gratitude Journal here!

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How to Practice Gratitude

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